Maps repository

Cartoteca Verticale (397x300)The Maps Repository is an indispensable tool for archaeological and topographic research at the SAET: the section currently dedicated to Locris responds to the traditional interest in Magna Graecia cultivated by the Scuola Normale Superiore.


The SAET Maps Repository’s main feature is a wide collection of topographic 1:25,000-scaled maps from the Italian Military Geographic Institute (I.G.M.). Their scope is to provide graphic and cartographic documentation for the Bibliografia Topografica della Colonizzazione Greca in Italia e nelle Isole tirreniche (BTCGI) – an encyclopaedic work realised in a joint project between the Scuola Normale Superiore, the École Française de Rome and the Centre J. Bérard in Naples. The map full catalogue will be available online, and will cover 1105 identified sites (out of 2856) in Sicily, Magna Graecia and those areas of Central and Northern Italy interested by Greek colonisation. The Maps Repository is implemented by the extensive documentation provided by historical cartography (1:50,000-scaled) on those areas of Sicily and Magna Graecia where the research group has carried out, or intends to carry out, survey activities. Data processing for the production of thematic maps constitutes the main interest of the SAET, and sums up the variety of skills needed to figure out models and paradigms of inhabitation of a territory during the course of centuries. The SAET also owns a digitised collection of about 1000 ancient maps, including prints, engravings, manuscript drawings and military plants produced in Sicily between the Middle Ages and the late Renaissance. An analogous collection of artistic and cartographic sources on ancient Calabria will extend the corpus, together with two mapping sections at the SAET Library. A new area of the Maps Repository will then be dedicated to the ‘history of cartography’.