The Laboratory

The Laboratory of History, Archaeology, Epigraphy and Traditions from Antiquity (SAET) was founded in 2016 and is directed by Andrea Giardina. The interdisciplinary structure and the synergy of specialised experts are the key strengths of this unusual research group: it has complex thematic and chronological width, agile interactions, and a formidable impact in the science and traditions of antiquity in terms of systematic depth, education and outreach. [Read more…]


12 Sep 2018

The SAET will take part to the event BRIGHT TOSCANA 2018 on September 28th at 5 p.m.

07 Sep 2018

Il SAET partecipa il 28 settembre al Workshop di Archeologia e Robotica che si terrà nell’ambito del Festival Internazionale della Robotica.

07 Sep 2018

Survey campaign conducted by SAET in the area of the ancient colony in Magna Graecia.

05 Sep 2018

The call for the “Giuseppe Nenci” Award is open; the deadline is October 26nd, 2018.