The Laboratory

The Laboratory of History, Archaeology, Epigraphy and Traditions from Antiquity (SAET) was founded in 2016 by Andrea Giardina and is currently directed by Anna Magnetto. The interdisciplinary structure and the synergy of specialised experts are the key strengths of this unusual research group: it has complex thematic and chronological width, agile interactions, and a formidable impact in the science and traditions of antiquity in terms of systematic depth, education and outreach. [Read more…]


16 Feb 2021

The Latin section of Mnamon has been updated by Dr Mirko Donninelli within a curricular internship.

08 Feb 2021

“Passeggiando per l’antica Segesta… in Normale. le Inscriptiones Segestanae

05 Feb 2021

SAET collaborates with the FACEM project: Entella is placed among the most ancient centers of ceramic production in the central Mediterranean area.

23 Jan 2021

“Senatori romani nel Pretorio di Gortina. Le statue di Asclepiodotus e la politica di Graziano dopo Adrianopoli” a cura di Francesca Bigi e Ignazio Tantillo, Pisa, Edizioni della Normale, 2020.