An essential support for laboratory research is represented by our specialized open-shelf library. It currently comprises approximately 1600 titles between books, periodicals and excerpts in both printed and PDF format.
It includes about 160 texts by Greek and Latin authors, and is organised in the following sections: Antiquity, Historical Cartography, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Ceramics, Archaeology of Tuscany, Sicily and Magna Graecia.
In addition to this book heritage, which can be consulted through an online catalogue for internal use, and which keeps growing on the basis of laboratory research trends, there is a section including books belonging to the Library of the Scuola Normale that are available by its online catalogue. These texts treat themes that are currently object of studies at the laboratory, where they are in permanent deposit, while remaining at the disposition of all users.
Another small specialised library, consisting of about 150 volumes mainly related to Sicilian Archaeology, Topography and Epigraphy, is situated in Contessa Entellina (Palermo) at the headquarters of the SAET archaeological mission in Sicily.