Maria Adelaide Vaggioli

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Personale_AdelaideAfter graduating in Classical Letters in 1985 at the University of Pisa, with a thesis about the ancient topography of the northern district of the ager Pisanus, Maria Adelaide Vaggioli was accepted in the Advanced Course in Archaeology and History of Ancient Art at the University of Genoa in 1986. Her archaeological activity began in 1982 by being involved in the excavation of Crypta Balbi in Rome.
Then, she conducted archaeological and topographic research in Liguria, Versilia and the north-tyrrenic coast, and in 1990 she was permanently hired in the capacity of technical graduate at the Laboratorio di Topografia Storico-Archaeologica del Mondo Antico, today known as SAET.
With the Laboratory, she participated in excavations in Pisa, Segesta, Entella, Calatamauro, in topographic surveys in the territory of Contessa Entellina and in the research project in Locri.
Besides field research, she has also been involved in the mapping, survey and study of structures and findings, she actively attended several seminars and conferences and engaged in scientific dissemination by collaborating in the organisation of exhibitions and museum installations.
She is responsible for managing the Laboratory’s Library.
Her main research interests include the methodologies of archaeological and topographic research (with particular focus on the use of archival and cartographic sources), the landscape archaeology, the history of settlements and historical topography, the study of agrarian settlements, viability, urban planning, fortifications and some Hellenistic and Roman types of ceramics (especially regarding African fine and cooking wares).

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