SAET Outreach

On Thursday April 15th the SAET takes part in the 13th edition of the Day of Solidarity, organized by the non-profit association Nicola Ciardelli (Pisa).

SAET Outreach

The main aim of the Day, involving all schools in Pisa, is to raise the awareness of students on topics related to peace and solidarity. SAET contributes with an online meeting on: Voices from  the past: the mistery of the decrees of Entella. A history of ancient solidarity.

The talk, held on Microsoft Teams, is devoted to a story that took place in the ancient Sicily in the 3rd century B.C., witnessed by documents written on bronze tablets which were in part retrieved after a theft. The importance to preserve all the historical heritage, which, when studied, allows us to know many aspects of the life in the past, will be stressed. The story that will be told had many dramatic moments but was also filled with examples of solidarity and gratitude.

Children from the fifth grade of the Elementary School Oberdan in Pisa and from the Comprehensive Institute “F. Di Martino” (Contessa Entellina – Chiusa S. – Giuliana) will attend the online event.

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