Lokroi Epizephyrioi

Lokroi Epizephyrioi, one of the most important towns in the ancient Mediterranean, was the birthplace of Zaleukos, the first Western lawmaker, the athletes Agesidamos and Euthymos, and of the poetess Nossis. Ancient Lokroi still constitutes a stunning investigation field, a privileged observatory, and a reliable training place both for SNS students and the most advanced scholars.

New scientific research, excavations, and field surveys in the Locri area are carried out thanks to a strong collaboration between the SAET Laboratory, the Soprintendenza Archeologia della Calabria, the Polo Museale della Calabria, and Locri and Kaulon Archaeological Museums and Parks. These investigations aim at stimulating new perspectives of research, aided by the most advanced technologies. They will examine town planning and architecture; bronze, marble and clay sculpture; cults; interactions with local people and adjoining towns (Rhegion, Kaulonia, Kroton); political intercourse with Lokroi sub-colonies (Medma and Hipponion) and with Syracuse; literary and epigraphic sources; and the organization of urban spaces.
The dissemination of scientific results in Lokroi Museum and Archaeological Park of Lokroi constitutes a major part of the mission of SAET.

Scientific coordinator: Gianfranco Adornato

Contributors: Cesare Cassanelli, Alessandro Corretti, Antonino Facella, Nicola Giaccone, Maria Ida Gulletta, Pietro Manti, Chiara Michelini, Maurizio Paoletti, Maria Adelaide Vaggioli


Data acquisition C. Cassanelli, A. Corretti, A. Facella, P.C. Manti.
Processing Pietro Carmelo Manti